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Who We Are

Every industry needs a good guy. A business who does the right thing every time. A business who above all else represents the best interests of their clients. We’re that kind of insurance agency. We’re true to our word. We’ve got a systematic approach that has proven to be effective time after time. Our ability to see the unforeseen is unmatched. And we hold ourselves to impossibly high standards. We spend a lot of time inventing new ways to better serve our clients. We turn over every rock and go beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. Because above all else we value client service.


What’s New

Thank you, Madison! 

You voted us the winner for Independent Insurance Agency in the 2018 IB Executive Choice Awards. And we can't say 'thank you' enough!





“There is never a question or concern regarding our insurance or the insurance industry that I am not able to call Hausmann-Johnson and receive my answer within the time frame that is needed. They have taken the time to learn and understand our business, and therefore make recommendations to cover any needs that may arise, acting as a business advisor for us. They go above and beyond”

Jim Johanns
Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer, Lake City Glass