About Us

We do what we say we’ll do, and have been since 1946.

It was 1946 when Phil J. Hausmann founded his one-person insurance agency. The same year you could purchase a new car for $1,120.00 and a gallon of gas for 15¢. A new home’s average price was $5,600.00 and the average annual income was $2,600.00.

In 2002, in what was a significant event in the agency’s history, Hausmann Insurance merged with Norman E. Johnson Insurance. Combining the talent of the two organizations created new opportunities to expand the scope and breadth of products and services offered. This strategic move increased the size of the agency by 35% and the name was changed to Hausmann-Johnson Insurance.

Today, Hausmann-Johnson continues to be one of Wisconsin’s leading insurance agencies with significant expertise in designing and implementing risk management and employee benefits strategies for clients across the country. Our commitment is to improving the client’s bottom line. We use the collective intelligence of our entire team to stay at the forefront of the insurance industry.