On Demand Webinar: An Introduction to Health Care Data Analytics

Data analytics reveal the whole picture of medical care costs, instead of individual pieces of the puzzle. This can help employers and health care systems make better-informed decisions.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are the employees on your health plan seeing the providers that will return them to health the most quickly and efficiently
  • Are you confident the claims data you receive from your health insurance carrier is painting an accurate picture of your population health
  • Are the employees with chronic conditions (where the most medical spend is concentrated) receiving the most appropriate care? 

This webinar will discuss how using data analytics can help companies confidently say "yes!" to the questions above.

This webinar will discuss:

  • How data analytics looks at medical claims differently than traditional reports
  • How BSG Analytics uses data to bend the trend of health care costs for employers
  • Why looking at ‘episodes of care’ is more important than focusing on unit price




Presented by: 

Matt Weimer

Matt Weimer

Director, BSG Analytics

Matt joined BSG Analytics in February of 2017 after managing the IS Team at Integrated Health Network.  He is a seasoned data professional with over 15 years in IT and data analysis.  He achieved his MBA from UW-Milwaukee in 2010 and has combined leadership, management, analysis, innovation, and technology in order to lead teams in both the dental and medical industries.




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