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A Phishing Trip You Won’t Soon Forget!

Many contractors enjoy a fishing trip to Canada or up north with family and/or friends to get away and relax. The time away recharges their batteries for what now feels like a year-round busy season.

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There’s Risk in Them Thar Contracts (or Lack Thereof)!

Author: David Kruse

Category: Cyber Liability

If data is the new oil, as one article from The Economist states, then coding is the new construction. If carpenters, bricklayers, and ironworkers built (literally) this country, then developers, network engineers, and computer scientists are building the systems we need for the future. And..

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Harassment – It’s Time to Ask Yourself These Questions

Every time we turn on the TV or surf the net lately, we are seeing headlines about poor conduct by people in power in the workplace.  Harassment?  Incivility?  Bullying?  Discrimination?  Which is it?  Does it really matter how you label it?  It is illegal, extremely expensive, and very damaging..

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Communication – Where It All Begins

I’ve been in Human Resources a long time now - over 20 years. (Once you hit 20, you can stop counting.)  I’ve had the privilege of working for a number of truly great companies, in a variety of industries. 

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Ho, Ho, Host Liquor Liability

The holiday season is officially upon us, and for many, this means that festive parties are right around the corner. As Wisconsinites, we’ve grown accustomed to enjoying an Old Fashioned, Hot Toddy, or Tom and Jerry to warm us up during these cold weather revelries. Unfortunately, there is..

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Hausmann-Johnson Insurance Named a Best Small Workplace for 2017!

A positive work environment is essential to a healthy business and has been a central component of our successSo we're proud to announce that for the second year in a row Great Place to Work® and Fortune have named us one of the country's 50 Best Small Workplaces for 2017!



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ASC 606 and Qualified Opinion Letters

Beware of the qualified opinion letter!  With accounting revenue recognition standards changing for work under contract, consider your credit relationships when you decide whether or not to change your accounting method to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

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It’s a Trap!  Common Coverage Limitations That Could be Lurking in Your Property Policy

At first glance, a commercial property policy seems straightforward.  It lists the property covered, what causes of loss are covered, and how much it’s covered for.  But did you know that there are many ways a property policy’s coverage can be restricted?  If an insured is not fully aware of the..

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How to Gain a Competitive Edge by Offering Nontraditional Employee Benefits

Voluntary benefits are benefits offered in addition to employees’ core compensation and benefits packages. Many employers consider expanding their voluntary benefits to compensate for increasing health care costs, which is a major factor in the recent trend toward providing a wider array of..

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