Alyssa Thompson

Investment Associate - Park Capital Management After graduating from UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Art, Alyssa has been working in the financial services industry for 7 years. Alyssa works most closely with Clint Bauch, simplifying his busy days as President. She enjoys being challenged by the unique questions that often arise during financial reviews with advisors and finds great satisfaction in helping to find the answer for the client. You will often see Alyssa in many of the different branches, facilitating the behind the scenes operations of PCM. Alyssa lives in Fort Atkinson with her dog, Sasha, and enjoys golfing and riding her horse, Chance.

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Debunking the Social Media Myth: Life Insurance and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Currently circulating the World Wide Web are an abundance of myths regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Readers may have come across articles claiming that a COVID-19 vaccination will render your life insurance policy invalid, or even worse, claims that death within one year of receiving a COVID-19..

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