Amy Esry, PHR, SHRM-CP

Amy believes that a company will be successful when the employees are successful, and she values being a contributor to that success at Hausmann-Johnson Insurance. She uses over 20 years of Human Resources experience to oversee the agency’s internal HR management while also serving as a HR consultant for clients. Amy recognizes that running a business is complicated enough without having to understand employment law, so she does the leg work by continually researching and determining how the law applies to specific situations. She enjoys simplifying a complex employment issue to ensure that a client is considering all options and is aware of all ramifications. Amy holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Truman University, as well as an MBA from the University of Missouri – Columbia. In her free time, she loves gardening and sinking her hands into a bag of fresh potting soil. During the winter, she hibernates with books, craft projects, jigsaw puzzles or board games with her family.
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Questions to Ask When Redesigning Your Performance Review Process

There’s been a lot of talk the last few years about changing up the performance review (or even getting rid of performance reviews) and moving to a completely new process. Overhauling your performance management system is a big project, involving many steps. You’ll want to get executive support,..

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When is it Time to Hire an HR Manager?

Your small company is growing, and so far, you’ve been able to handle everything yourself. When you have employee issues, maybe you have people you call, perhaps an outside HR consultant or an attorney. Maybe you’ve hired a couple of great managers who seem to know how to manage people well, and..

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Becoming a Great Coach – Getting Started with the Basics

In my last couple blogs, I spoke about Coaching for Development, and Coaching for Discipline, two of the main areas where coaching is helpful. But if coaching is a new concept for you as a manager, you may be wondering how to even get started. 

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Employee Development through Coaching

Thirty years ago, you went to work, did your job, and got paid.  That was all that you expected, and that is all that your employer offered.  But over time, the employer-employee relationship has changed.

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Coaching for Discipline

Sharing feedback, particularly in a discipline situation, is difficult for most managers and HR people.  It’s a difficult conversation to hold, and it is also uncomfortable for the employee to hear.  And while I can’t offer you a magic wand to make it easy and painless, I can share with you how..

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Workplace Coaching: What Is It, Really?

What is Workplace Coaching? We hear that term being used a lot, but do we really know what it means?

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Communication – Where It All Begins

I’ve been in Human Resources a long time now - over 20 years. (Once you hit 20, you can stop counting.)  I’ve had the privilege of working for a number of truly great companies, in a variety of industries. 

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Driving Employee Engagement

You can drive a car.  You can drive a nail into a board with one swing. You can drive a point home in a conversation.  But can you drive engagement? 

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Building a Culture of Respect at Work

What is respect?  Can you define it?   We may not all agree on a definition, but we all sure know when it’s missing.   Respect is a critical component in any successful relationship, and that’s true at work as well.  Earlier, I wrote about trust here. Trust and respect go hand in hand, and it’s..

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Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace

What does trust look like in an organization?   In some environments, like emergency services, employees’ lives may be at stake, and trust is evident in how they protect each other.  But what about other work settings?  What does it look like in an office?   Or a production facility?  For many..

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