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Reducing Health Care Costs through Value Based Care

Value-based care is understood to be an improved approach to reducing the cost of health care when compared with the current fee-for-service model. This is because value-based care compensates providers for improved patient outcomes instead of compensating them for providing greater amounts of..

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Template Language in Health Plan Documents Presents Litigation Risk

Author: Schuyler File

Category: Employee Benefits

Self-funded health plan sponsors can avoid unnecessary litigation by ensuring that template language currently in use by some Third-party Administrators (TPAs) and insurers offering Administrative Services Organization services (ASOs) is updated to adequately address risks that are the subject..

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Price Transparency Tools Focused on Unit Cost are not a Panacea for Rising Health Care Spending

Most of today’s health care price transparency tools are unable to limit health care spending as promised by the companies touting the technology. This is concerning because more employers are considering or utilizing price transparency tools to help employees become better health care..

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