Episode 3.3: The Top 3 Compliance Issues Businesses Face

Do you have a plan document? Are you sending out the required notices to your employees, and do they even read or understand them? Are you HIPAA compliant? It's very important to know where your company stands on your compliance obligations.



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David’s goal is to help clients think no more about their insurance than they want to, and effective customer service is the tool he uses to accomplish that goal. Prior job experience in the banking industry instilled in David a high sense of urgency around everyday matters. He knows that until a problem is solved, clients are using valuable downtime that could be better spent running their business. Before becoming a Commercial Account Manager in 2015, David spent time at Hausmann-Johnson as a Select Lines Associate and a Commercial Lines Associate. His current area of expertise lies in insuring life science businesses. Additionally, he is well-versed in the ins and outs of cyber liability insurance. David holds Bachelors of Arts degrees in Theology and Philosophy from Marquette University. He is an avid hiker, kayaker, birder, and nature documentary watcher. He enjoys sharing his passion for nature with his wife and their dog, who often to join him on hikes in state and national parks.