Episode 3.2: Communicating Your Benefit Plan's Value to Employees

Companies spend a lot of time and even more money putting together a valuable benefits plan. Unfortunately, employees still see the annual benefits process as burdensome and problematic. What can employers do to make this process more engaging and ensure employees can see the value in their..

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Builder’s Risk Insurance and Waivers of Subrogation

Spring has sprung and with that the building season is in full swing! Though, come to think of it, when hasn’t building been in full swing as of late? With all these buildings going into the ground and sprouting out of it, it makes me think of builder’s risk insurance

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Benefit Education – Going Beyond Open Enrollment

It’s the time of year where open enrollment is well behind us and probably isn’t top of mind until we have to start preparing again for next year. This is great time to reflect and ask ourselves: How many employees truly understand the benefits choices they have made?  Most employees do one of..

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Reducing Health Care Costs through Value Based Care

Value-based care is understood to be an improved approach to reducing the cost of health care when compared with the current fee-for-service model. This is because value-based care compensates providers for improved patient outcomes instead of compensating them for providing greater amounts of..

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Mental Stress Claims

As an employer, you must realize that not all injuries are from a physical or occupational injury.  Mental stress injuries also occur and may be found to be compensable. Wisconsin is one of the few states that recognizes that mental injuries can be presented as worker’s compensation claims as..

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Better Outcomes and Employee Satisfaction Through Episodes of Care

Not all medical care is the same.  Are your employees getting the most appropriate care available, to achieve the best possible outcomes?

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The Cyber Paradox

Author: David Kruse

Category: Cyber Liability

Sometime during my sophomore year at Marquette University, in between classic college trips to the dining hall and walking down to throw a Frisbee around by the lake, I made the decision to add a philosophy major to my degree.

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Take Action to Enhance Teamwork in Your Work Place

Author: Teryn Buchanan

Category: Human Resources

Are you looking for ways to strengthen and develop your professional team? Whether you are a department leader or have just entered a new position, you can influence how you and your coworkers operate as a cohesive unit.  I was hired with Hausmann-Johnson Insurance about one year ago and..

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Audrey Walsh Joins Hausmann-Johnson Insurance

Hausmann-Johnson Insurance (HJI) and The Benefit Services Group, Inc. (BSG®) are pleased to announce Audrey Walsh, GSP has joined our team as a Risk Control Consultant.

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Episode 3.1: Trends vs. Fads in Employee Benefits

What is a trend and what is a fad in the world of Employee Benefits? Two of our experts break down some of the hottest current topics and how they can affect your plans. (And guess what? Our experts don't always agree!)

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