OSHA Citation Alert: Exit and Storage Hazards

Author: Jeff Dutton

Category: Health and Safety, OSHA

Do you run a retail operation and ever wonder what could happen if you restrict your means of egress? Not surprisingly, it could mean a large fine and surprise inspections at a hefty cost!Many commercial retail operations in the form of stores, lodging, restaurants, and other facilities are..

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OSHA Enforcement of State Mask Mandate

I was recently part of an alliance meeting with the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Safety Committee and Wisconsin OSHA Area Directors. One of the hot topic questions was, "Will OSHA be enforcing the Wisconsin statewide mask mandate?" In short, OSHA will not be going around to job..

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The Risks and Dangers of Heat Exposure

It's official everyone! Even with all of the COVID-19 pandemic activities (or lack thereof), even with the practicing of social distancing, and even with the wearing of masks - summer has finally arrived! Though there has been a lot happening across our country, summer could simply not be..

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OSHA Guidance for Processing Facilities

Although this article is specific to the meat and poultry industry, it can be used as a guideline for any business where employees must work in close quarters. Assembly lines, food processing facilities, and other related industries can follow this guidance from OSHA to improve the health and..

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Summary of Available COVID-19 Resources

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin assembled a listing of the resources on OSHA’s COVID-19 webpage, as well as resources from several other agencies and organizations.

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How to Handle a COVID-19 Exposure on the Jobsite

A construction site is a fluid place where things not only change day-to-day, but minute-to-minute. All the precautions that you can possibly take to protect workers has been executed to the best of your abilities. But, then it happens! Someone at the site has been exposed to or has the symptoms..

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OSHA Guidance on COVID-19 Recording

In regards to recording COVID-19 on your OSHA 300 log, OSHA states that in areas where there is ongoing community transmission, employers other than those in the healthcare industry, emergency response organizations (e.g., emergency medical, firefighting and law enforcement services), and..

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OSHA Guidance Allows Alternatives in Light of N95 Shortage Due to Coronavirus

On April 3, 2020, OSHA issued enforcement guidance that temporarily permits extending and reusing respirators, as well as other alternatives. It also clarifies when respirators, including N95 masks, may continue to be used generally and in the health care setting. Below is an outline and summary..

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New Beginnings

Conventional wisdom would dictate me to write something about safety involving COVID-19. Although providing those resources is important, I wanted to write about something equally as important, although perhaps more unorthodox for the safety guy: I want to talk about New Beginnings.

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Avoiding OSHA Complaints During COVID-19

Federal and state OSHA agencies are managing a significant increase of workplace safety complaints related to COVID-19, which is prompting their recommendation that employers create exposure control plans. Keep in mind that COVID-19 is an OSHA recordable illness, so you could be finding yourself..

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