Hot Topic: Termination and the COBRA Subsidy

"An employer is terminating an employee due to elimination of the position, but the elimination is not related to COVID. Would he or she be eligible for the subsidy in this situation?"The COBRA event does not have to be related to COVID.If an individual lost eligibility due to any reduction in..

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IRS Guidance Related to Tax Credits for Paid Sick and Family Leave Released

On April 29, 2021, the IRS issued guidance that gives clarifying information regarding employer tax credits available for voluntary paid sick and family leave made available under ARPA. ARPA extends tax credits to eligible employers for providing paid sick and family leave from April 1, 2021..

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Anxiety - The #1 Mental Health Disorder

Anxiety tops the list of mental illnesses, affecting approximately 40 million adults in the U.S. (18% of the U.S. population). Sometimes being number one isn’t worth celebrating. Instead, it is worth exploring, understanding, and finding ways to open communication with those suffering. Anxiety..

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Designing Employee Benefits to Attract and Retain Older Workers

Older workers are an increasingly important component of the workforce. Beyond the knowledge and experience they bring to your organization, they typically are very reliable workers and play a valuable role in mentoring those with less experience.

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Debunking the Social Media Myth: Life Insurance and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Currently circulating the World Wide Web are an abundance of myths regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Readers may have come across articles claiming that a COVID-19 vaccination will render your life insurance policy invalid, or even worse, claims that death within one year of receiving a COVID-19..

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4 Ways to Support Remote Employee Collaboration and Productivity

Author: HJI | BSG

Category: Human Resources

Working remotely doesn’t always come naturally to employees, especially among those who are used to the accountability of in-person workplaces. Remote work requires focus and restraint amid the countless distractions present in the home, and it lacks the socialization capabilities that come with..

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5 Virtual Recruitment Strategies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hiring managers have been struggling to get candidates in the door. Recruiting budgets have been slashed and departments are wondering how to coordinate interviews, let alone find talent. How can teams adapt? The answer is virtual recruitment.

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Getting Vaccinated Will Not Impact Life Insurance Policies

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for the State of Wisconsin has issued a press release in response to inaccurate statements on social media that payment of life insurance benefits would be impacted by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

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A Fresh Look at an Old Benefit: Employer-Sponsored Group Life Insurance

If you are like many of us in the human resources practice, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a higher than normal number of employer-sponsored life insurance claims. Or, perhaps the absence of employer-sponsored life insurance at your company has now been recognized as a gap in benefits..

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A Dynamic Duo: Employee Benefits & Worker's Compensation

As an HR professional, your employees’ health is a top priority. Everything from physical health, mental health, productivity, and engagement are major contributing factors to running your organization effectively. Employee benefits and worker's compensation have a great deal of common ground..

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