Perseverance and Your Role as a Leader

Perseverance is hardly a fashionable or glamorous thing to talk about. In today’s culture, what is valued is speed. Instant gratification, next day shipping and getting our answers from Alexa are the way we expect to live our lives.

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Intrinsic Optimism Through a Pandemic

I think we can all agree that the last six months have been nothing like we’ve ever experienced before (aside from creepy movies and nightmares). We are navigating through a global pandemic where our society has suffered profoundly and endured significant economic loss. The ominous negative vibe..

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4 Common COVID-19 Misunderstandings

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines are often misunderstood regarding COVID-19 testing, timing of returning to work, appropriately notifying co-workers of potential exposure and balancing the wearing of face coverings with the 6-15-48 rule. This article covers these topics. 

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COVID-19 Impact Bulletin: Leveraging Employee Assistance Programs

Mental health has become an increasing concern six months into the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. According to the American Medical Association, “at least 30 states are reporting spikes in fatal opioid overdoses and ongoing concern about mental illness or substance abuse disorders, all..

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Employer Use of Contact Tracing Apps

If your employee tests positive for COVID-19, you may have an obligation to conduct contact tracing to determine if other employees and customers may have been exposed. The pros and cons of using contact tracing applications is discussed in this article.

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Face Mask Ordinances and the ADA

Municipalities are increasingly implementing face covering ordinances in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. This may present challenges for companies to navigate when employees or customers indicate they cannot wear masks due to a disability.

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Administration: Your Company’s Leadership Link

Author: Liza Pedroza

Category: Human Resources

The question of what makes a great leader has been tossed around frequently throughout history. It often calls to mind the image of an awe-inspiring figure standing before a cheering crowd, ready to lead them to glory. While this idea of the singular leader can be romantic and practical, it does..

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10 Perks That Appeal to Remote Workers

For the last 30 years or so, companies have been trying to find unique benefits and perks that will help them hire and retain a strong workforce. We’ve seen ping pong tables, nap rooms, on-site cafeterias, on-site daycare, concierge service, fitness centers, popcorn machines, beer - the list..

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Supporting Your Employees With Children When School Resumes

2020 has shaped up to be a year that defies description for employers. We can all agree that the times we are living in and the challenges employers and employees face are unprecedented.

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EEOC Releases Guidance on Workplace Reasonable Accommodations

Many employers implemented work from home arrangements much more broadly than they had in the past due to “Stay at Home” orders. Employers should now revisit whether remote work that was denied as not being a reasonable accommodation for employees protected under the Americans with Disabilities..

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