Take Action to Enhance Teamwork in Your Work Place

Author: Teryn Buchanan

Category: Human Resources

Are you looking for ways to strengthen and develop your professional team? Whether you are a department leader or have just entered a new position, you can influence how you and your coworkers operate as a cohesive unit.  I was hired with Hausmann-Johnson Insurance about one year ago and..

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Episode 2.4: Outdated Workplace Policies

Is your company holding on to outdated workplace rules that might be affecting your ability to attract or retain employees? If you haven't refreshed your policies lately, you may want to reassess items such as dress code, rigid work schedules, telecommuting, and more. 

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Common Sense Steps to Reduce Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence occurs with some frequency and, unfortunately, it sometimes turns deadly. Co-workers, management, and human resources staff may all be targeted. Regardless of their level of involvement, employees of companies where a violent act has taken place are negatively impacted and the..

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Episode 2.3: Employee Benefit Trends

Many companies are adding new trending benefits to attract and retain top talent. How can an employer analyze all of the newest offerings and know what will make the most impact for their employees? Mary Jo Spiekerman, Vice President of Human Resources, discusses some best practices for..

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2019 ─ 2020 Economic Outlook Influences on Human Resources Strategies

Employers added 155,000 jobs to the U.S. economy in November 2018, far fewer than the roughly 200,000 new positions economists had expected, according to the November jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate held at 3.7% nationally, with Wisconsin coming in at 2.9%...

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When is it Time to Hire an HR Manager?

Your small company is growing, and so far, you’ve been able to handle everything yourself. When you have employee issues, maybe you have people you call, perhaps an outside HR consultant or an attorney. Maybe you’ve hired a couple of great managers who seem to know how to manage people well, and..

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Episode 2.2: The Hunt for the Purple Squirrel

There are times when organizations try and pack a wide array of responsibilities and experience requirements into a job description for a vacant position. There can be significant drawbacks to this such as taking a long time to fill the position or overpaying for unnecessary education or..

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Episode 2.1: "Ghosting" During the Hiring Process

Join host David Kruse and his guests as they explore and explain the (believe it or not...) fascinating world of insurance. They'll break down complex concepts and share helpful tips all while sampling the finest beverages Madison, Wisconsin has to offer.

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What Are Your 2019 Training Plans?

As an HR professional, you have a few irons in the fire most, if not all, of the time.  Are you wondering how to make your life less stressful in 2019?  Would it make a difference if your management team were better trained?  Would you have fewer employee complaints?  Fewer fires to put out? ..

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Becoming a Great Coach – Getting Started with the Basics

In my last couple blogs, I spoke about Coaching for Development, and Coaching for Discipline, two of the main areas where coaching is helpful. But if coaching is a new concept for you as a manager, you may be wondering how to even get started. 

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