Employer Use of Contact Tracing Apps

If your employee tests positive for COVID-19, you may have an obligation to conduct contact tracing to determine if other employees and customers may have been exposed. The pros and cons of using contact tracing applications is discussed in this article.

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Face Mask Ordinances and the ADA

Municipalities are increasingly implementing face covering ordinances in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. This may present challenges for companies to navigate when employees or customers indicate they cannot wear masks due to a disability.

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Administration: Your Company’s Leadership Link

Author: Liza Pedroza

Category: Human Resources

The question of what makes a great leader has been tossed around frequently throughout history. It often calls to mind the image of an awe-inspiring figure standing before a cheering crowd, ready to lead them to glory. While this idea of the singular leader can be romantic and practical, it does..

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10 Perks That Appeal to Remote Workers

For the last 30 years or so, companies have been trying to find unique benefits and perks that will help them hire and retain a strong workforce. We’ve seen ping pong tables, nap rooms, on-site cafeterias, on-site daycare, concierge service, fitness centers, popcorn machines, beer - the list..

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Supporting Your Employees With Children When School Resumes

2020 has shaped up to be a year that defies description for employers. We can all agree that the times we are living in and the challenges employers and employees face are unprecedented.

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EEOC Releases Guidance on Workplace Reasonable Accommodations

Many employers implemented work from home arrangements much more broadly than they had in the past due to “Stay at Home” orders. Employers should now revisit whether remote work that was denied as not being a reasonable accommodation for employees protected under the Americans with Disabilities..

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EEOC Won’t Collect Employer EEO-1 Data in 2020 Due to Coronavirus

As a result of the pandemic, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced it will not require employers to submit EEO-1 data in 2020 for 2019. Employers should note that this does not mean that they are free to “skip” the reporting, rather that the reporting deadline is..

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Winning Strategies For A Remote Workforce

Many organizations scrambled to get employees set up to work from home and did not anticipate the length of time they would be working remotely. These companies may also be considering supporting more regular remote work in the future. This article focuses on the “softer” issues of culture and..

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Addressing Employee Concerns About Returning to Work During COVID-19

Author: HJI | BSG

Category: Human Resources, COVID-19

Surveys indicate that a significant percentage of the U.S. population worries about returning to work “too soon” out of fear of contracting COVID-19. Here is some guidance regarding options available to employers for addressing those fears.

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The Value of an EAP During Uncertain Times

The last several weeks have been stressful for everyone, in a lot of different ways. On the one hand, we’ve been faced with illness (our own or family members), social isolation, job loss, fear of exposure, and maybe even the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19. On the other hand, business..

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