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Employee Development through Coaching

Thirty years ago, you went to work, did your job, and got paid.  That was all that you expected, and that is all that your employer offered.  But over time, the employer-employee relationship has changed.

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Leading From the Center

Author: Suzanne Templin

Category: Human Resources

Take a minute to do a Google search of “leadership techniques.”  Go ahead, take your time, I’ll wait.

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Coaching for Discipline

Sharing feedback, particularly in a discipline situation, is difficult for most managers and HR people.  It’s a difficult conversation to hold, and it is also uncomfortable for the employee to hear.  And while I can’t offer you a magic wand to make it easy and painless, I can share with you how..

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Paid Leave Programs – 5 Design Considerations to Ensure Success

Employer paid leave programs for employees are making headlines throughout the country. In some states and municipalities they are mandated by law. But for most employers, they remain a voluntary program that employers are increasingly turning to in an effort to support employee wellbeing and..

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Workplace Coaching: What Is It, Really?

What is Workplace Coaching? We hear that term being used a lot, but do we really know what it means?

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Harassment – It’s Time to Ask Yourself These Questions

Every time we turn on the TV or surf the net lately, we are seeing headlines about poor conduct by people in power in the workplace.  Harassment?  Incivility?  Bullying?  Discrimination?  Which is it?  Does it really matter how you label it?  It is illegal, extremely expensive, and very damaging..

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Communication – Where It All Begins

I’ve been in Human Resources a long time now - over 20 years. (Once you hit 20, you can stop counting.)  I’ve had the privilege of working for a number of truly great companies, in a variety of industries. 

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Driving Employee Engagement

You can drive a car.  You can drive a nail into a board with one swing. You can drive a point home in a conversation.  But can you drive engagement? 

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Human Resources Professional Development Opportunities in October

In Wisconsin, we are fortunate to have a number of very active organizations that have as their mission the support and development of the Human Resources Profession.

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Recruitment: The Pursuit of the Purple Squirrel

Everyone is talking about the labor shortage. It is negatively impacting almost every industry and it seems to be prevalent in both rural and urban areas. Employers are struggling to find solutions to address the shortage with the goal of attracting a larger and higher quality applicant pool.

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