How to get the Best Claims Service from your Adjuster and Insurance Agency

Whether you are a large corporation or a business owner with five employees, when you have an injured worker you need help. You can look for assistance from your insurance agent and your workers compensation insurance carrier.

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Opioid Use in the Workplace: Should I be Concerned?

My husband recently had shoulder surgery and his physician wrote him a prescription for oxycodone. He did not end up using the pills and they now sit in a bathroom drawer.  How many of you have experienced the same scenario if you recently had a tooth pulled or outpatient surgery?

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Are Older Workers a Risk in my Business?

As a business owner, you may study many demographic factors about your employees.  Do you ever think about what will happen to your older employees if they choose not to retire and want to continue to work for whatever reason? Do you see this as an advantage or disadvantage?

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Light Duty: It's Not Just For Workers Compensation Anymore

One of the first things we learn when we become involved in workers compensation claims management is the importance of returning the injured employee to work as soon as possible. While medical costs associated with the injury do impact your workers compensation loss ratio, lost time has a..

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Substance abuse legislative changes

New bill increases consequences for injury related accidents caused from drug and alcohol abuse, benefits employer.

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