As our world becomes more connected and our lives and businesses migrate online, the risks a business faces migrate as well. 100 years ago, a bad fire could end a business. Today, the biggest threats are the ones we cannot see: ransomware, malware, data breach, malicious code, & cyber terrorism.

No business that connects to the internet is immune, and the question is not if; it’s when.



Cyber Risk Insurance

Standard property & liability policies were likely first written on a typewriter, not a computer, so it’s no surprise that they offer little to no coverage for the risks a connected business faces.

When your business is faced with a cyber security event, like:

  • a breach of trade secrets,
  • a transfer of malicious code,
  • or a denial of service attack,

a cyber liability policy will provide you with a breach coach who will step in to coordinate an effective and efficient response team.

This team, including:

  • Forensic IT,
  • Legal,
  • Crisis PR,
  • and Call Center/Credit Monitoring services,

will step in to reduce your loss. Some policies can even pay to restore damage to your company’s reputation after negative media coverage surrounding a cyber event.

The policy will also cover:

  • your lost income due to a cyber event,
  • the cost to restore your IT systems,
  • and if legal actions arise, defend you in court and pay damages awarded and regulatory expenses.


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