On Demand Webinar: Effective Financial Management of Worker’s Compensation Costs

This webinar will cover the methods a company can utilize to help control the cost of Worker’s Compensation.

We will go through the factors that determine your experience modifier and will use real-life examples to demonstrate the impact of claims reserves, lost time, and medical only claims on your long-term Worker’s Compensation costs.

We will also share strategies to help you minimize the effects of each worker’s compensation claim through proactive management, including light duty and return-to-work policies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how an experience mod is calculated and controllable factors
  • Understand the multi-year impact of claims on experience modifiers and Worker’s Compensation premiums
  • Develop strategies and procedures to minimize long-term financial impact of Worker’s Compensation claims
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Presented by: 

Jeff Frey

Jeff Frey

Property & Casualty Consultant / Principal

Jeff has been with Hausmann-Johnson Insurance since 2013 and became an owner in 2016. He specializes in large and unique insurance programs, primarily focusing on the construction, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Jeff prides himself on not only providing businesses with insurance, but also educating them about it to become a true risk management partner.


Jon Templin

Jon Templin, CRIS, CISR

Property & Casualty Consultant

Jon grew up around insurance – when he was young his grandfather owned an insurance agency in Peoria, Illinois. Now, he is the one that clients put their trust in to protect the businesses that they’ve built. Jon enjoys making clients of Hausmann-Johnson Insurance aware of the risks that they face and teaches them how to address those risks so that their businesses can continue to thrive.

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