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Upcoming Events and Webinars

Upcoming Events and Webinars

Webinar: Life Cycle of a Worker's Compensation Claim

This webinar focuses on the actual reporting, investigation, analysis, and conclusion of a worker's compensation claim.

Webinar: Affordable Care Act Update for August 2018

This webinar will review any updates on the legislative process over the last few months, discuss the impact on employers, and review important dates.

Webinar: The Impact of Cyber Breach Response

This webinar will shed light on what happens after you discover you’ve been hacked. Whether you were subject to a data breach, ransomware attack, denial of service, or other nasty situation, the steps you must take are often unclear and complex.

FMLA Administration Workshop - Federal and Wisconsin

Complexity and frustration are two words our clients use when complying with Family and Medical Leave Acts. If you have felt the frustration of trying to understand FMLA or developing a program that works for your organization, perhaps we can help. This interactive one-day workshop will discuss both the Federal and Wisconsin FMLA.

Webinar: Risk. To Insure, or Not To Insure?

Explore the key concepts of risk and risk tolerance as part of your risk financing assessment.

Webinar: Launching into Leadership - The 4 Traits of an Inspired Leader

This webinar will focus on the characteristics of an inspired leader and will include real-life examples of the impact these traits have on a leader’s team and the organization as a whole.