On Demand Webinar: Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Beyond the Basics


Difficult Issues and Surprising Facts

Most HR professionals know the basics of FMLA.  However, the FMLA is a complex multifaceted law, and can get confusing, especially when it intersects with state FMLA, ADA, FLSA, worker’s compensation and other medical condition/leave of absence laws.  Get below the surface and there can be many unexpected facets and difficult questions.  This program addresses some of these hidden facts, difficult issues and some tricky provisions of FMLA leave:

Learn more in-depth facts about:

  • How much FMLA do I get? (it’s not all the same)
  • What if the employee doesn’t ask for FMLA?
  • Does WC count toward FMLA?
  • Does Light Duty count toward use of FMLA?
  • How do we track Wisconsin FMLA with Federal FMLA?
  • We have different locations, some with and some without 50 people. What do we do? 
  • And more!


Presented By:

Bob Gregg, Boardman & Clark 

Bob Gregg co-chairs the Labor & Employment Group at Boardman & Clark Law Firm in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. Gregg has been involved in employment relations for more than 30 years. He litigates employment cases, representing employers in all areas of employment law. His main emphasis is helping employers achieve enhanced productivity. He has designed the policies of numerous employers, creating positive work environments and resolving employment problems before they generate lawsuits. Mr. Gregg has conducted more than 3,000 seminars throughout the United States and authored numerous articles on practical employment issues.

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