This presentation will provide guidance to employers when dealing with their more difficult FMLA and Wisconsin FMLA (WFMLA) issues including conjunction with the ADA, Work Comp, WFEA, etc. 

Even if you are a seasoned FMLA administration professional, this course will expand your knowledge through  discussion of:   

  • What's new and scary: Recent FMLA cases

  • Dueling doctors: Difference of opinion between 2nd and 3rd evaluations

  • Sporadic call-ins: Intermittent FMLA leave and re-certification considerations

  • Complex web of laws: FMLA/ADA/WC, light duty perils, FLSA, and salary base rules on FMLA

  • Employees in other states: The interplay between differing state leave laws and the federal FMLA (one size   does not fit all!)

  • Suspicion of falsification: What should you do?

  • Quick answers on some not so simple issues: Including attendance bonuses, leave related to caring for children with special needs, and FMLA certification for non-pregnant parents

  • General Q & A

We are excited to welcome Bob Gregg and Brenna McLaughlin of Boardman Clark Law Offices to join us in presenting this program. 



Bob Gregg

Presented by: Bob Gregg

Attorney - Boardman Clark Law Offices

Bob Gregg is an employment relations attorney with more than 30 years of experience representing clients on complex issues.

Bob litigates a wide variety of employment cases on behalf of employers, including discrimination, wage, and hour, FMLA, ADA, unfair discharge, contracts, privacy, and more. His main emphasis is helping employers achieve enhanced productivity, creating positive work environments, and resolving employment problems before they generate lawsuits. Bob conducts proactive management seminars throughout the United States to teach supervisors how to recognize issues and avoid liability.


Brenna McLaughlin

Attorney - Boardman Clark Law Offices

Brenna has a general practice that primarily emphasizes labor & employment law.  Brenna counsels private and public employers on a wide variety of matters affecting the employment relationship, including hiring procedures, discipline and terminations, wage and hour issues, FMLA and ADA compliance, and drafting employment contracts and non-compete agreements. Brenna also represents employers before the Madison Equal Opportunities Division, Wisconsin Equal Rights Division, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and state and federal courts.

Before becoming an associate, Brenna clerked for the firm for nearly two years. Prior to going to law school, Brenna worked in Madison area public schools coordinating reading and writing services for elementary students as part of an AmeriCorps program.