With our unique proprietary data warehouse comprised of employer, provider, carrier, and pharmaceutical data, we'll pinpoint your problem areas and work toward solutions

We help you look at total cost of health care and focus on bending the trend.

_We worked with the medical carrier to identify quick-care locations and virtual clinics for emergency room frequent fliers. So far, the number of frequent users is down 20_ (1)

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 Download our case study for 4 specific examples of how we have used data analytics to help employers, health care providers, and insurers identify opportunities for improvement and resolve challenges.

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 Episodes of Care

Companies that purchase health care need an accurate way to compare and benchmark providers, identify centers of excellence, and create value-oriented, outcome-based payment systems.

Similarly, health care systems want to identify their high-performing and under-performing physicians and reduce variation in the way health care services are delivered for similar diagnoses.

Episode-based analytics provide a comprehensive understanding of how effectively health care is being delivered:



Our clients are consistently concerned with excelling in Quality, Efficiency, and Outcomes. Anyone can compete on unit price, but how does your company compete on the values that matter most? 

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