On Demand: IT Security - People, the Social Engineer’s Dream

You show up to work in your company’s accounting office. You open your email, and top of the list is an urgent email from your CEO. She’s at a conference and needs you to wire $50,000 to ‘the below account’ in order for her to close a deal. Sensing the urgency, you wire the funds immediately. Days later, your CEO asks where this $50,000 went; the more you talk, the more you realize that you’ve been scammed. The email was fake, the account has vanished, and the money is gone. You’re not getting it back.

This is social engineering, and it’s on the rise. The best way to protect yourself against a social engineer is to know their techniques and be aware of their objectives. If you support the finance, accounting, human resources, or operations arms of your organization, this is mission critical information.

This presentation explores the three different types of social engineering attacks and the current social engineering techniques that (almost) always work.  Hear studies and stories that are both entertaining, and enlightening.  At the end of this session attendees will have a renewed awareness of social engineering, as well as developed knowledge of some of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your organization.



Presented By: 

John Harmon, VP of Operations


John Harmon is an alum of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and has 10+ years of business leadership and IT industry experience. Since joining FRSecure in 2012, John has worked with FRSecure clients and partners to further FRSecure’s world-class mission of building better security programs. As VP of Operations, John has developed an affinity for information security regulation. His primary focus is helping clients clarify security requirements and start working toward an effective information security strategy. His ability to effectively communicate to individuals and groups is derivative of his business leadership experience and 15+ years as a classically trained singer, a passion he still pursues today. 

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