You've been breached. You've discovered and fixed any security weaknesses. You've paid any fines. But now, how do you tell your employees, your customers, and the public what happened? And how do you make sure that you don't lose your customers when they find out about the breach? How do you maintain your company's reputation after a breach?




Previous Episodes

Episode 1.3: What is the Legal Impact of a Data Breach?

Discovering and diagnosing a Data Breach is scary enough as is, but the legal implications of being breached might be even more frightening.  What are you required to do? Can you be fined? If so, how much can you be fined? Who should you even turn to for help?



Episode 1.2 - Why you Need Forensics IT During a Data Breach

What would you do if a message popped up on your computer that said, "Unless you pay $10,000 you'll never see your data again"? Should your internal IT staff attempt to fix the issue? If not, who should your company turn to for help?



Episode 1.1 What is Cyber Risk?

There's a good chance that at least one of your favorite businesses has been the victim of a data breach over the past few years. With more than a thousand data breaches happening in any given year, how would you respond if you were to fall victim to one?